Is it time for More?

I’m not currently offering these monthly calls. If you’d like to keep up with the latest, please sign up on the right side of the page!

I celebrated the anniversary of my monthly Explore & Play classes with a fantastic call, and all the awesome people that joined in. It was great to have new callers and longtime callers joining in.

In all the planning for this event, I’ve realized that after two years of introductory/beta-testing prices, it was really time to make the prices current.

The live calls remain free

After Friday at noon pacific, recordings will be $36 each and the E & P More membership will be just $28 per month. The live calls will continue to be free.

More you say?

If you aren’t familiar with E & P More, it’s the membership that gets you the recording of each month’s class automagically delivered to your inbox PLUS the complete library of all past calls. Right now that’s a value of over $400. But, after Friday at noon pacific, it would cost over $800 to buy the full library.

Membership also gives you access to The Perception Studios Lounge, a place to discuss the topics more deeply, ask questions and get feedback on the techniques I’m teaching. You know, more.

Choose before noon Friday

If you’ve had your eye on one of the Explore & Play Classes, head over to the list of past classes and grab it now. If you see two or more you’d like, consider the tremendous value of More.

“Thank you for helping me make so many great changes, Shannon. My life is happier today because of the work we’ve done together.” – Darcy Prince

The work Darcy’s referring to? Being coached during the live calls.

And if this isn’t your thing?

I’d definitely love to have you on the no-cost live classes. Just make sure you’re signed up to get the deets and reminders.

An Added Note

If you’re unfamiliar with the classes and curious, head over to the sidebar there, enter your name and email addy and you’ll get access to one of the past calls, Create Confidence. If you want more like this, hop over to the Explore & Play More page to subscribe!

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