Explore & Play is TWO!

On May 10th, 2011 I held the very first Explore & Play Class and Coaching Hour, Overcoming Overwhelm.

Since that time I’ve taught two dozen different classes and coached dozens of people through at least as many issues during the live calls.

When I started them, I wasn’t sure how they would go.

  • Would I be able to teach this stuff in such a short time over the phone?
  • Would I be able to coach people effectively, without any background information, in just minutes, with dozens of other people listening?
  • Would anyone show up?

Turns out the answers to each of these questions is YES.

Thank you for helping me make so many great changes, Shannon. My life is happier today because of the work we’ve done together.
– Darcy Prince

The work Darcy’s referring to in this email? Being coached during the live calls.

I couldn’t be more thrilled with how well the calls have gone over the last year. I want to celebrate!

It’s your choice.

The next call will be your choice. I want to know what you want me to teach and coach you on.

  • It could be a reprise of a topic I’ve done before.
  • It could be a totally new idea.
  • It could be based on something I’ve written, or something that’s come up in one of the past calls.

All suggestions are welcome

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been on every call, or never been on a call. I want your ideas.

I’m going to collect all of your suggestions between now and April 30th.

From those suggestions, I’ll choose three possible topics and announce them on May 1st.

Then it’s up to you.

Voting will start on May 1st (details will be here on the blog). The one with the most votes on May 7th will be the topic for the second anniversary call on May 14th.

But that’s not all! (It’s true, but I just really wanted to say that.)

There will be rewards

If your idea is chosen by me to be one of the three finalists, you’ll get a one-year subscription to Explore & Play More. If your suggestion gets the most votes and becomes the topic for the next class, you’ll also get a Catalyst Coaching Session.

How to submit your ideas

You can make your suggestion here in the comments, on the Facebook page, or directly to me.

The small print: If I choose a topic that was suggested by more than one person, whoever submits it first will receive the reward. 


3 comments to Explore & Play is TWO!

  • Jo

    I’m really new to Perception Studios, and have still got to listen to Creating Confidence, so having not listened to an Explore and Play class yet, I don’t know if this idea will be any good or not, but: You know what your big dream/goal is, what you really, truly want, but you have no idea how to get started, no idea what the steps across the no-man’s land to get from A to B should be. How do you move forward?

  • Possible topics:

    * Quieting the Busy Mind — or, failing that, Learning to Love It
    * Trust & Patience — how to trust yourself, the process, etc and encouraging the patience to wait for the results to flower
    * Faith & Belief — is having faith in yourself or the process the same as having belief in yourself or the process (or *a* process)?

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