What if changing your mind, changing your behaviors and changing your life was so easy, it was almost . . . well . . . boring?

THAT wouldn’t suck!
(And … it’s totally possible.)

BORING CHANGE is a thoroughly un-boring way to change your life, without really trying. Because trying = force = pressure = stress. And stress makes it awfully hard to stick to your commitments.

The Premise

Change doesn’t have to be agonizing, or move at a snail’s pace. It can happen in seconds …
but only when you embed your intention deep in your unconscious mind — the ‘animal brain’ that quietly controls your reality.

You don’t have to analyze every childhood birthday party-gone-wrong to find the root cause of your problems before you can make lasting change.

You don’t even have to know WHY you do something in order to stop doing it — and stay stopped.

Seriously — it’s not required.

At least, not if you know how to change in the Boring Way.

I bought Boring Change a couple of days ago, and I just cannot get over how cool it is!

So far I’ve used it on sugar cravings and compulsive BlackBerry checking, and I’m seeing results in less than a day. Amazing!

I also used it on my long-time habit of jaw-clenching. I was kind of doubtful that this process would work on “physical” problems, but holy cow, IT TOTALLY DOES.

Thanks so much for creating this.

Jenny Ryan aka Cranky Fibro Girl

How it works

BORING CHANGE is a bundle of powerful mind-bending tools, inspired by Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), healing hypnosis and life coaching techniques.

You’ll be guided through a series of steps — all designed to help you learn four crucial things:

  • The difference between, and importance of, your unconscious mind and your conscious mind.  (It’s more than you think!)
  • Why willpower isn’t the problem and how nothing’s wrong with you because you don’t seem to have enough.
  • A surprising trick that makes all the difference when you want to change a troublesome habit.
  • And most importantly, how to make changes in your life that are so easy, they’re boring.

But here’s the neat shift — you’re not asking your conscious mind to come up with solutions … you’re asking your unconscious mind. Because ultimately, your unconscious mind is the one running the show.

“Uh, HOW am I supposed to chit-chat with my unconscious mind?” you ask?
Well, that’s kinda the whole point of BORING CHANGE … to show you how it’s done.

It might sound like hocus-pocus, but it’s really quite simple — you’re engaging in a dialogue with the deepest layer of your psyche (where things get DONE) instead of the top layer of chatter + social conditioning (where not much gets done).

Having never done anything like this before, I can’t verbalize exactly what I had anticipated – smoke and mirrors perhaps? New age hocus-pocus? A harmless but unique experience that wouldn’t hurt but probably wouldn’t help? Well, the last thing I expected was what I got, an effortless and graceful resolution to what had been a chronic and troublesome problem.

Sally Brown, O’Fallon, IL

Un-Boring Results

BORING CHANGERS are experiencing all kinds of transformation — major changes, and micro changes, too.

Folks have been able to …

  • Quit overspending, and start saving cash-o-la … without really trying.
  • Stop mindless snacking while driving and lose 20 pounds … without really trying.
  • Calm flight anxiety + jet lag, and begin to enjoy traveling again … without really trying.
  • Overcome disorganization, get the house spic ‘n span, and confidently welcome guests over … without really trying.
  • Hit ‘mute’ on the mental chatter, and improve focus + performance at work … without really trying.

Shannon suggested that I first try BORING CHANGE on a small thing in my life, but I couldn’t think of anything small, all I could think of was how I always try to control things by excessively planning and mapping things out, especially in times of fear.

A long-term, deep-rooted issue, I didn’t really expect much with just this one little process. Was I surprised! Not only did that pattern shift, the results really feel miraculous.

Now, more than a year later, this new way of being is so integrated, it’s hard for me to even remember what that old stressful habit felt like.

My favorite part was that I didn’t have to figure it all out. I could just relax into the process and be guided by Shannon’s voice. What a relief.

Kat Miller

So, what would YOU like to change … without really trying?

Grab the complete BORING CHANGE Kit, and see what’s possible for your life, career + personal confidence, when you train your brain to support your goals.

What you get in the BORING CHANGE Kit:

The BORING CHANGE Kit is a complete package of written and audio materials that will teach you how to create BORING CHANGE in your life. Here’s what’s included:

  • The BORING CHANGE Guidebook. 17 pages of information on how to do the process, plus the background theory on why it works so well.
  • The BORING CHANGE Audio. A 30-minute audio that guides you through the process with clear explanations, and includes the background theory too.
  • The Quick Shift BORING CHANGE Audio. A five-minute audio that guides you through the process without all the explain-y bits.
  • The Getting Started Guide. Helps you decide how to use the materials to best fit your learning style.
  • The BORING CHANGE Cheat Sheet. A one-pager that outlines the basic process.
  • The BORING CHANGE Practice Notes Worksheet. Helps you easily track all the things you’re changing.
  • The BORING CHANGE Practice Notes Worksheet Sample. Shows you how one client used the Practice Notes Worksheet to track their experience with BORING CHANGE.

Ready to stop trying?

Get The Complete BORING CHANGE Kit Now


Easy Peasy — almost as easy as the change you’re about to make!