Less angst. More action.

Less crisis. More change.

Hey there, brilliant one.

I’m Shannon Wilkinson, the not-so-mad genius behind Perception Studios.
I’m a life coach, teacher, writer + summit seeker based in Portland.
Want to know my soul’s calling — and lifelong obsession?
In a word: CHANGE.

Most of us think change equals angst, pressure and force.
Me? I believe change can be peaceful, simple and playful.

As a coach, I use mind-bending tools (yup, literally) like Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis to help you change your mind, change your behaviors, and ultimately, change the world.

I’m on a quest to make change FUN again (‘cause seriously, it’s got such a bad rap) — and help you stick to your highest ambitions, like freaky-strong superglue.

Want to become a master of change?
Keep your commitments?
Finish what you’ve started?
Create something BIG?

Bravo! I’ve got LOTS to show you.

Jump on my list or send me a note, and let’s make some (unbelievable) changes.

Shannon Wilkinson

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How I Give My Dreams Wings

Shannon Wilkinson at Mile 18 of the 2012 Portland Marathon

This post is part of Andrea Schroeder’s Give Your Dreams Wings blog hop. (Read all about it at the bottom of this post.) Special thanks to Andrea for including me, and inspiring this post!

A few years ago, I read a novel, I can’t remember the title or author’s name, just that the protagonist . . . → keep reading

April Coaching Hour (an Explore & Play Class)


The second Tuesday in April is just about here, and that means, time for another coaching hour! Whether you’re coached live or not, there’s always plenty to gain from these calls. After each person is coached, I’ll pull out key strategies and ideas for you to use in your unique situation. Plus, I’ll answer your . . . → keep reading

March Coaching Hour (an Explore & Play Class)


Tuesday, March 11th, is another full coaching hour! There’s no planned topic, but will be plenty to learn — even if you aren’t coached live.

I will be drawing from each mini-coaching session to give you tips or ideas that you can apply to your unique situation. At the end of the call, you’ll have . . . → keep reading

How to Fall


And more importantly how to get up again. 

It’s natural when you’re a kid. You probably don’t remember learning to walk yourself, but odds are, you’ve seen a toddler in the act. The falling, the getting back up, the trying and trying and trying. The cheering and encouragement for every effort.

The falls may include . . . → keep reading

Forgetting Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Care


Have you ever made a declaration that you’re going to make a change and then after a time or two forgot about it?

I’m going to eat better!

I’m going to exercise every day!

I’m going to watch my spending!

And then you don’t. You eat the way you’ve always eaten. Your workout clothes get . . . → keep reading

How Clear Are You? Really?

Foggy, snowy St. Johns Bridge - Portland, Oregon by Shannon Wilkinson

While coaching people on yesterday’s Explore & Play call, a little theme developed. It’s the same thing I’m going to be talking about at Thursday’s free talk here in Portland.

How clear are you about what you want?

Is it foggy and unclear?

Is it what others think you should want?

Is it a thinly . . . → keep reading

{Training Log} #8 – You Are Here


In 2011, I started running. In 2014, I’ll be running the oldest and most prestigious marathon in the world, the Boston Marathon. With this blog series, I’m sharing the techniques I use to coach myself (mentally, emotionally and physically) through six months of training. Thanks for joining me!

Let’s just get the difficult part out . . . → keep reading

February Coaching Hour (an Explore & Play Class)


December’s Coach-a-thon was super popular. And, I’ve been hearing more and more from people that they love the coaching part of the Explore & Play calls most of all.

So, we’re going to try an experiment this month.

The February call, on Tuesday, February 11th, will be a full coaching hour! This will mean coaching for more of . . . → keep reading

Partnering with Athleta in Portland!

Join Shannon Wilkinson at Athleta Portland to Leap Over Resolutions Hurdles

I’ve long been a fan of Athleta. In fact, their purple puffy coat has been on every mountain summit with me.

But, it’s not just the clothes. I find their catalogs to be incredibly inspiring. The models look like they actually work play hard to be fit and toned. Plus, they aren’t wearing tons . . . → keep reading

Guide Yourself With Kindness (an Explore & Play Class)


As we move into the new year, how are you talking to yourself? Are you berating yourself for what you didn’t do? Pushing yourself to keep up the momentum?

Would you talk to anyone else the way you talk to yourself?

If the answer is no, let this be the year that you start being . . . → keep reading