How Are You Celebrating Boring & Dull Day?

Yes, it’s totally a thing here in Oregon! And it’s this Saturday, August 9th.

It commemorates the pairing of the city of Boring, in Oregon, and the village of Dull, in Scotland, as a “Pair for the Ages”. If that makes you smile, you’ll find the full text of the law pretty entertaining.

Now, as you probably know, I already have a thing for boring, so I decided to do something fun to celebrate the holiday. And, I wanted to give you a chance to join in too, just in case you aren’t anywhere near Boring, Oregon and can’t take advantage of the free ice cream social Saturday evening.

For about 80 hours (to represent the varying population of Dull Scotland), starting today, Friday 8/8 at noon PDT, you can get Boring Change for whatever you wish to pay. Plus, 20 percent of whatever price you choose will go to fund a Kiva loan.

Join the celebration!

You get to make change in your life so easy it’s boring AND help someone else change their life AND be a part of the only official Boring & Dull holiday in the world!

This ends Monday, August 11th at noon PDT.

Please take a moment right now to pay what you wish to make change so easy, it’s . . . boring. Click this add to cart button:

Add to Cart

Or, visit the Boring Change page to get more information now.

Can you lend a hand?

When I first came across this Oregon Holiday, I knew I wanted to take part. But when it came time to get started, fate intervened, and I was involved in a car accident. While I was able to walk/drive away from it, I did sustain some injuries, and am on a strict, doctor-ordered regimen of doing nothing. Since I’m only allowed no more than 20 minutes in front of a screen out of an hour, I just can’t set up all the fun things I had in mind.

So, I could use your help. See those little buttons down there? Would you please take a moment and share this with a friend, like it on Facebook, tweet about it, or help me get the word out in whatever way works for you? The more people that join in, the more people who can make change the boring way, and help out people around the world with a Kiva loan.

Thank you!

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