a 1-on-1 coaching program for people who want life to be massively productive, magically fun — and majorly easy.
(Is that so much to ask?)

You know how it goes.
You make a massive declaration …

“I’m going to write a book!”

“I’m going to wake up at dawn!”

“I’m going to quit my job, build a momentous business, and run a marathon —
by next spring!”

… and then, just as you reach for a pen to start sketching out your master plan, the SHOULDs and CAN’Ts and NOPEs come crashing in.

Within seconds, your heroic dream begins to feel unspeakably HARD.
Illogical. Impossible. A big, fat tangle of frustration.

(And that’s where I come in.)

I hired Shannon because I was deeply stalled…What I got was immediate relief and motion – as quickly and easily as promised (literally overnight). I just started doing what needed doing again. With my brain and heart fog lifted, I didn’t even crave as much coffee (and I love coffee).

Discovering Shannon’s work was among my highlights of the year (right up there with hearing, “You’re okay, it’s benign.”). If you’re ready for some hot-knife-through-butter change, you can’t do better than her coaching program.

Cairene MacDonald

As a life coach, I work with BIG dreamers who want to become BIG do-ers.

I use mind-bending tools like Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis to help remove your (unhelpful) mental conditioning — the auto-pilot scripts that fire away, whenever your brain detects a hint of change or something big on the horizon.

When your cruddy conditioning gets wiped clean, emotional obstacles melt away.

Your commitments become 1,000% stronger.
You’re able to plan + complete whatever you want.
You feel a sense of unbelievable ease.

And you DO what you’ve DECLARED you want to do.
Simple as that.

Working with Shannon was the best thing ever. It felt like every session ended with me thinking, ‘That couldn’t have been such a big problem when I called because it doesn’t feel like one at all now … and how is it possible that it shifted like that?!’

Seriously, sign up immediately.

Elizabeth Halt

UNBELIEVABLE EASE is structured to help you …

Plan and complete a paradigm-shifting project — like writing a book, launching a business, embarking on a speaking tour, running a marathon (literal or metaphorical), releasing your first album — you name it.

UNBELIEVABLE EASE will also help you …

  • Train your brain to support your dreams, instead of booting them out with a scowl.
  • Commit to life, career + health changes, in a way that’s easy, peaceful, and playful.
  • Learn to discern the difference between your true desires and your programmed auto-responses.
  • Create an entirely different relationship with reality — like wearing an invisible pair of clarity goggles.


  • 18 coaching sessions over six months (lots of time just for you)
  • Email love + support in between sessions
  • Extra sessions (at a special price) whenever you need them
  • Treats + tools to keep for life — like meditation audio kits, re-do-able worksheets + more
Investment: six payments of $585 or one payment of $3510

When your unconscious mind is on your side,
there’s no limit to what you can do.

I’ve helped hundreds of people experience ease, simplicity + crazy productivity, during my 10+ years as a professional coach — and I’ll never get tired of watching emotional blockades melt away, in a matter of months, and even…moments. Talk about magic.

Ready to roll?
Take one (easy) step.

You can start by booking a CATALYST SESSION — 30-minutes of brain-time, with me — or filling out the application for UNBELIEVABLE EASE, just below.
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