What to Expect

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The first stop is usually taming the fear.  Fear puts you in fight or flight mode whether your life is really in danger or not. It’s pretty much the opposite of flow and inspiration.

Then, once the fears are tamed, we can explore what inspires you, fires you up, what you really want. And figure out how you can best get it.

I’ll probably use some of my NLP and hypnosis techniques to help clear through the unwanted patterns and get you moving forward. I may make some practical suggestions, depending on where you’re at. We’ll most likely spend some time laughing. At the end, we’ll make sure you have good stuff to take away and practice as you move forward.

Sessions are by phone and usually last about an hour. If you have a headset you’ll probably want to use it. Email support is included, so you can take comfort in knowing that I’m available to you even after our session.

Wondering about the hypnosis part? Read my blog post Can You Hypnotize Me?

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Praise & Testimonials

Working with Shannon has been one of the best decisions I have made in developing my coaching business.  Individual sessions and group calls have been invaluable for me for my own process, for learning how to use these skills with my clients and in my business development.  I wasn’t even sure what my questions were in the beginning and she skillfully helped me find the steps that were the most effective in reaching my goals.

Shannon’s comfortable conversational style makes it easy to work through any issue and helps me to know that I am putting my energy toward the things that are truly important to me.  I recommend her highly to anyone who wants to achieve their goals with joyful anticipation.

Debby Potts, Newberg, Oregon


NLP? What’s that? I had no idea what I was getting into…but I am glad I did! Thank you for doing what you do.

Pamela Malo, New York State

Cairene MacDonald of ThirdHandWorks.com

I hired Shannon because I was deeply stalled – and increasingly panicked and discouraged about that. And very done with trying to figure out a solution by myself.

What I got was immediate relief and motion – as quickly and easily as promised (literally overnight). I just started doing what needed doing again. With my brain and heart fog lifted, I didn’t even crave as much coffee (and I love coffee).

To my pleasant surprise, the effect lasted and lasted. Of course, I’ve returned for more sessions because I love them so much, but not because I needed a booster shot. We just move on to the next set of challenges.

Being who I am and in the business I’m in, I am a huge fan of everything that is as efficient as it is effective. Knowing I can move swiftly through what’s between me and my ambitions is the best thing ever – and now an essential part of my support systems.

Discovering Shannon’s work was among my highlights of the year (right up there with hearing, “You’re okay, it’s benign.”). If you’re ready for some hot-knife-through-butter change, you can’t do better than her coaching programs.

Cairene MacDonald, Portland, Oregon


If you’re in need of amazing, right on, heart-centered coaching, hire Shannon.

Jennifer Louden, Bainbridge Island, WA
author of The Woman’s Comfort Book,
coach, speaker & retreat creator


Elizabeth Halt: Wide-eyed WondererI am so thankful for the version of me who decided to sign up for coaching with Shannon. She is a genius. I am a genius when I am talking to her. It is all genius! I don’t understand what she does or how it works or why it works but I am continually amazed at how easily huge hard stucknesses just fall away and dissolve and transform until, by the end of the call, I am left wondering, “Huh. Was that actually a problem?”

Elizabeth Halt, Portland, Oregon


Shannon, I really enjoyed your call. Super-useful! It’s helping me finish a book today. :) Thanks for bringing your smartness, my sweet.

Lisa Baldwin, Auckland, New Zealand


I was hopelessly stalled on a high priority freelance writing project. I’d sit at my desk for hours at a stretch, passing the time by writing ineffective affirmations and playing computer solitaire. Frustrated and fed up, I called Shannon for help. Her insightful questions and compassionate observations helped me shake loose from major stuck-ness and move forward. The project is back on track and more important, for the first time I see clearly that this work doesn’t have to be miserable. Instead, it is a gift from the universe to provide financial ease in pursuing my life goals.

Diana Schneidman, Bolingbrook, IL


My work with Shannon has been nothing short of transformational. She helped me work through an issue that had been holding me back for decades. Now that I’m on the other side of it, it feels like a miracle has occurred. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her help and I take great comfort in knowing she’s there for me. With Shannon’s help, I feel unstoppable.

Janine Adams, St. Louis, MO


Thanks so much for the wonderful coaching session today! I feel much lighter than I did when I woke up this morning.

Amanda Bishop, Chicago, IL


Shannon approached our work together with a delightful and refreshing sense of humor mixed with compassion and empathy. She came across as honest, down-to-earth, patient and kind. Having never done anything like this before, I can’t verbalize exactly what I had anticipated – smoke and mirrors perhaps? New age hocus-pocus? A harmless but unique experience that wouldn’t hurt but probably wouldn’t help? But, the last thing I expected was what I got, an effortless and graceful resolution to what had been a chronic and troublesome problem.

Sally Brown, O’Fallon, IL


Shannon is compassionate, professional, effective, intelligent and worthy of your trust. She doesn’t just listen, she hears you.

Lauren McCall, Portland, OR


My husband and I attended Tony and Shannon’s “Beyond Resolutions!” seminar this past weekend and we continue to smile in appreciation of the inspiring results we achieved from the presentation. We have attended a host of transformative events and we are experiencing more freedom and personal power than we’ve attained after 2- and 3-day courses! I would recommend the experience to anyone desiring an opportunity to expand possibilities and freedom in creating their future.

Deborah Hall, PhD, Eugene, OR


Shannon came into my life at a time when I didn’t realize I was ready to “connect the dots”. It became apparent that I needed to and was going to take advantage of the opportunity and called her to schedule the work that I sensed need to be done. What a terrific experience it has become! Up until this point, I have had information and did not have a method to process it. By working with Shannon during which we “connected the dots of my life”, she has provided me with the insight, tools and confidence to enjoy self worth and happiness in the years to come. As time goes by, I look forward to those times when we can discuss the empowerment that she found within me and brought to my conscious mind.

Neil Benaroya, Portland, OR