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Monthly Group Coaching Calls

Join me, and other curious people, on the second Tuesday each month (unless I’m traveling, then the date may change) at 11am Pacific Time (see what time that is for you) to Explore and Play at the Studios during a group coaching class.

During the call, I’ll cover a specific topic, share some strategies to help you coach yourself out of the stuck place, then I’ll take questions and do some live coaching.

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More than just a theoretical class, you gave specific steps and actions to take to begin facilitating positive change in my life. I really like knowing there is something tangible that I can do to support myself better in tough situations.

Beth McKeon, www.thefoodadvocate.net

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The live calls are free for everyone, but when you join Explore and Play More, you get added goodness, including:

  • the recording of each and every Explore & Play class automagically delivered to your inbox, whether you participate in the call or not ($36 when purchased individually);
  • NEW! a private, one-on-one, 15-minute coaching session each month;
  • a place to continue the conversation and get your questions answered after trying the techniques on your own;
  • plus, more information from me, because after every call I think of more things I want to say, different ways to explain the concepts, resources for more information.

You can get all of this, and become part of the group that learns about everything first, by joining Explore & Play More. We have our own secret lounge on Facebook where we can hang out and I’ll answer your questions and share the stuff that we didn’t have time for on the calls.

Right now you can purchase the recording of each call for $36. But with Explore & Play More membership, you get the call delivered to your inbox, plus the secret lounge for $28 a month (a $100+ value).

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What exactly happens when I subscribe to the Explore & Play More membership? When you click the subscribe button, you’ll be taken to a PayPal check-out page to pay for one month’s membership. You can use a PayPal account or a major credit card.

Each month you’ll be automatically billed $28, until you choose to end your membership. You can do this at any time, no rigamarole, simply cancel your subscription through PayPal.

After you check out, you’ll receive an email from me with a link that will take you to your Explore & Play download page. You’ll be able to download the most recent call plus any other resources available for that call. Then each month, a few days after the live Explore & Play call, you’ll receive an email with instructions to download the latest call. You’ll also get a reminder before each call with the call-in information and the topic for the call.

What if I change my mind after subscribing? If you sign up and find that Explore & Play More is not for you, you can cancel your membership at any time directly through PayPal. Previously paid membership dues are not refundable. The live calls are always free.

Explore & Play More Membership $28

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I really appreciated listening to Jesse getting coached on the call. I found it really helpful even though we’re going through different things. It got me thinking about what’s really blocking my project and keeping me from the things I want to do.

Ann Harbert

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Sarah Bairstow I recommend your calls for a couple reasons: first, because they get me into a state in which I’m relaxed enough that I can get a bit more clarity on my situation. That’s huge to me, because otherwise I’d just spin my wheels and work myself into an anxious frenzy. Plus the exercises are fun and easy to do, and they’re things you can use in your daily life in almost any situation without looking like a total weirdo. You could actually use this stuff without anyone ever knowing. I imagine that once you get the hang of practicing them, it’s like having a bunch of super-helpful resources with you at all times.

Sarah Bairstow, www.artfulplay.com

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