Good | Bad | Rad #41 – Enjoying the celebration continuum and feeling real

A look back at some of the best, hardest and most surprising parts of my week.

The Good

View of Portland from the 30th floor of the US Bank Tower.

Celebrations with Friends. This past weekend I had a great time helping two different friends celebrate milestone birthdays. Each party had a gorgeous view of one of Portland’s rivers, the Willamette and the Columbia. But, that’s where the similarities end.  The first event was at a lovely restaurant downtown with fantastic views. The champagne was flowing, the food was delicious, the conversation interesting. Then I headed north. There were retro costumes, a crowded dance floor and a great mix of 80’s and top 40 music. It was so fun to go between such different events and crowds, and thoroughly enjoy them both.

View of the Columbia River from the Red Lion at Jantzen Beach

Silly Subversiveness. I guess technically it’s graffiti, even called grandma graffiti by some, and while I abhor graffiti, I love yarn bombing. The plaza in the heart of my neighborhood was hit this week. I particularly love what they did with the bike rack.

Yarn Bomb Snake on Bike Rack in St. Johns, Portland, Oregon

The Bad

Forgetting. I forgot about the time involved in teaching my monthly Explore & Play class, and making it available for More members. Which isn’t a problem on it’s own, it’s when I also planned to finish up a couple of other big projects this week. Luckily, I’m learning lots from Cairene over in the Guild about how to learn from this, and remember it for next time. But man, does it frustrate me that I just can’t remember! Also,  just as I started to write this, I looked up to notice it’s pouring outside. Which reminds of another thing I forgot, a plastic bag over my bike seat. It’s going to be a soggy ride home from the cafe.

My new Saucony Kinvara 3 running shoes

The Rad

New Shoes. When I started running a couple years ago, I went to a running store, had my gait video recorded and analyzed and went with the recommended shoes for overpronation. They were super comfortable and got me through that first marathon in style. Since then, I’ve been strengthening my feet and ankles, improving my form, and with each new pair of shoes, getting more neutral and minimal. I took another step forward with my newest shoes. I took them out last night, and they felt great, are super lightweight, and I L O V E the colors! It’s like Christmas around here. The surprising part? Somehow, I feel more like a real runner in them.

P.S. No wonder I love the colors of these shoes. As I was formatting this post, I realized they’re the colors of this site!

And you?

What were the Good | Bad | Rad parts of your week? Share them here, in the comments, or on the Perception Studios Facebook page.

Gorgeous Purple Alliums

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