Giving Up The Funk (an Explore & Play Class)

(apologies to Parliament)

You made suggestions. You voted. You loved them all* but this one came out just a bit ahead. Thanks to you all for joining me in celebrating the second anniversary of Explore & Play. Here’s to beginning a third fantastic year!

And now, for this month’s topic:

Giving up the Funk

Or, what to do when you don’t feel like doing anything, especially when you need to get things done.

The insidious thing about being in a funk, is that it’s hard to get anything done. And then you beat yourself up for not doing the stuff you should be doing. And then you feel worse because you’re not doing the stuff, and then you feel like your in a deeper funk, and well, hello stinky spiral of funk.

There are ways to stop the spiral. They do not involve willpower or making yourself push through or beating yourself up. They do help ease the funk so you can get things done (and perhaps even feel better).

Join the Explore & Play Class and Coaching Hour on Tuesday, May 14th. I’ll be teaching you how to  stop the spiral, move forward and give up the funk. I’ll also be answering your questions and coaching people live on the call.

Want to give up the funk?

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What’s it like when you’re in a funk?

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* More than one person expressed hope that all three of these fantastic suggestions show up as a call in the coming months. Let’s just say you shouldn’t be surprised if they do. 


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