“Move Your Eyeballs Away From Your Brain”

“What? Did he say what I think he said?

“What does that even mean?

How am I supposed to even do that?

“It’s not possible... well, crap…

“Okay, I ask people to imagine weird stuff all the time. I’ll just imagine I could do it.

“Oh wow…ohh….”



Three weeks ago, during a new-to-me yoga class, the teacher said this phrase, “move your eyeballs away from your brain.” And then I had all of those thoughts. I kind of wanted to giggle. And then I imagined that I could do it, and it got very quiet in my head.

It changed everything.

Suddenly, I was present and experiencing all the sensations in my body. I could pay attention to the subtle adjustments he was suggesting. I could relax into the stretch and strength of each pose. All without thinking. Without commentary in my head.

It was the exact right day to hear this phrase for the first time. It was April 15th, and I had watched far too much video from that sad day. Moving my eyeballs away from my brain allowed me to step back from my thoughts and fears and sadness and anger that were being stirred up all day long.

First I smile, and then I get quiet.

The phrase is popping into my head when I need it most. I also am bringing it purposefully to mind when I’m meditating or relaxing at night to go to sleep. Or anytime I notice that I’m way more in my head than in the moment.

At tonight’s class, a new phrase came up, that I think I’ll be repeating to myself. The funny thing about this one, is that I mis-heard him. But I like what I heard, so I’m going with it. He said, “keep your face soft.” But I heard, “turn your face off.”

Somehow, turning my face off, is way more powerful, than making it soft.

Now, it’s time for me to move my eyeballs away from my brain and turn my face off.

What about you?

Do you have something that reminds you to turn your attention to now? Have you ever had something that seemed really strange at first end up being incredibly helpful?  What’s it like for you when you move your eyeballs away from your brain, or turn your face off?


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