Submit Your Idea by Midnight Tuesday

The two year anniversary of the Explore & Play Class and Coaching Hours is coming up very soon.

But before that, though, is the deadline for you to submit your ideas. Yes, to celebrate this occasion, you get to suggest, and then pick the topic for the next call!

Where do you get stuck?

  • Do you have a particular situation that is hard for you to navigate?
  • Do you know what you want, but aren’t sure how to get there?
  • Is there an area of your life that’s okay, but you wonder if it could be better?

It’s okay if you don’t have the perfect wording to explain it, if you have just a few words, or a lot. Simply make your suggestion here in the comments, on the Facebook page, or directly to me.

Your odds are looking good!

So far, I’ve received just a handful of suggestions, so there’s not a lot of competition for the rewards.

Yes, there are rewards! 

If your idea is chosen by me to be one of the three finalists, you’ll get a one-year subscription to Explore & Play More. If your suggestion gets the most votes and becomes the topic for the next class, you’ll also get a Catalyst Coaching Session.

More you say?

If you aren’t familiar with E & P More, it’s the membership that gets you the recording of each month’s class automagically delivered to your inbox PLUS the complete library of all past calls. Right now that’s a value of almost $600. But, shortly it’s going to be worth even more.

With this anniversary, prices are going up for the first time. The live calls will remain no cost, recordings will be $36 each and the E & P More membership will be $28 per month. So if you waited, and purchased everything, it would cost $1200.

So, why not submit your idea for a call, and you could win!

Deadline is midnight on 4/30 

Leave your suggestion in the comments, on the Facebook page, or send them directly to me.

Can’t wait to hear your ideas!


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