Creating Resolutions that Work


Where do you fall on the New Year’s Resolution Continuum?

(statistics from 2008 survey by Opinion Corporation of Princeton, NJ)

If you fall in that big middle group (or have drifted into the no resolutions group due to disappointment) this could be the year for something different.

A few years ago, Janine Adams . . . → keep reading

{Playback} Behind the Scenes

A little over a year ago, I made my primetime television debut. While it was certainly fun to search for me for the few bits that didn’t end up on the cutting room floor (in the computer trash can?) what was really interesting was how much time, energy and money went into the set . . . → keep reading

Life Coach – Now Officially (and wrongly) Defined

Big news this week. Merriam-Webster announced some of the 100 or so words it’s adding to it’s Collegiate Dictionary.

They include f-bomb, sexting and life coach.

The lack of a well-understood and widely accepted definition for life coach has both drawn me to using it, and repelled me.

I liked that when I started using . . . → keep reading

Revisting: The Structure of Procrastination

Today I was revisiting some posts from the beginnings of this blog, and came across this one. I think it’s worth repeating:

* * *

The term procrastination is generally thought of as a problem, but, is it really? Have you ever heard of “just-in-time” production or inventory? The theory is that . . . → keep reading

In case you’ve been looking for one:

Continuing the Celebration: A few posts you might have missed

Yesterday marked the end of 13 straight weeks of posting every weekday. In that entry, I shared with you a few of the more popular posts from these last three months.

Now, I want to share with you a few of the posts, that didn’t get quite as much attention, but I think are worth . . . → keep reading

Lucky 13

Today marks the end of 13 weeks straight of daily (Monday – Friday) blog posts. That’s 65 posts in a row. A number I never thought I could achieve, much less want to.

How did I do it?

Good question. And of course the simple answer is one post at a time.

I know beyond . . . → keep reading

Weighed Down by Mail

I stopped at my PO Box today. Nothing urgent in there, so I just slipped the mail in my bag. Not such a big deal, except that I’ve done that the last three times I’ve been by the Post Office.

So now, I’m not only hauling around extra weight and having to shove my computer . . . → keep reading

A peek at my process

I often start my blogging process with some free writing. I word doodle some ideas, ask myself questions, and just write whatever comes to mind. I usually end up with a nugget or two that becomes my blog post. I take that, write more, refine it, edit it, and post it.

For the longest time, . . . → keep reading

A little play makes everything better

Today I’m participating in another one of Maryann Devine’s Secret Play Dates. I’m a member of the Society of the Secret Play Date and have written about them before, how playing helps my productivity, and even how it was okay when I screwed up and missed the group call.

I haven’t been able to make . . . → keep reading