Creating Resolutions that Work


Where do you fall on the New Year’s Resolution Continuum?

(statistics from 2008 survey by Opinion Corporation of Princeton, NJ)

If you fall in that big middle group (or have drifted into the no resolutions group due to disappointment) this could be the year for something different.

A few years ago, Janine Adams and I teamed up to teach a teleclass on how to actually do the stuff you set out to do every year. We shared the reasons resolutions don’t work, and more importantly, we talked about how to change that. We gave tips and strategies and guided participants through helpful exercises so they experienced a new way of approaching their resolutions and goals.

It was awesome.

So awesome, in fact, that we turned it into a DIY kit. There’s a downloadable audio plus a 24-page workbook that takes you through the process outlined in the teleclass. There are even worksheets so you can keep track of your goals and resolutions and how you’ll go about achieving them.

And this year, we’re upping the game by offering a little something extra. Anybody who purchases (or has purchased) the kit will be invited to a special, buyer’s only group call with Janine and me where we’ll answer your resolution-related questions—anything you want to ask—for an hour. This will happen on January 20. I live in Portland and Janine lives in St. Louis, but we’ll actually be together in the same room during the call. (So we know it will be a good time and you’ll learn lots!)

Maybe your resolution (once again) is to declutter and get organized this year. Or maybe you want to make changes for your health, creativity or finances. Our approach is terrific for whatever you set your sights on.

This year is going to be different.

Why Resolutions Don’t Work (and How to Get What You Want Anyway)

The recording is great to listen to any time you want to re-vamp a resolution that isn’t working, create a new habit or establish a goal that really works for you. The workbook can stand alone (if you’d rather read than listen) or can help you get more out of the audio.


The kit covers the common reasons that setting resolutions doesn’t work, and takes you through exercises that help you get what you want.

In the audio, we talk for about an hour, take your through perception-shifting exercises and then open it up for questions.

The 24-page workbook is based on the content of the audio, but isn’t a mere transcript. It walks you through the whole process, and includes additional worksheets to make the most of your resolution setting time.

This is for anyone who has been frustrated by resolutions or goals, and wants to learn a new way to approach them.

The cost? Just 19 bucks 14 bucks.

That’s right. You can get $5 off the super reasonable price of $19 by using the coupon code SAVE5 at checkout. That includes the call with me and Janine on the 20th at no extra charge!

Are you in? Just click the “Add to Cart” button (and remember to use the coupon code SAVE5 at checkout!):
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Here’s to getting what you really want!

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