Lucky 13

Today marks the end of 13 weeks straight of daily (Monday – Friday) blog posts. That’s 65 posts in a row. A number I never thought I could achieve, much less want to.

How did I do it?

Good question. And of course the simple answer is one post at a time.

I know beyond a doubt that had I set out to blog every weekday for three months, I would have quit long ago. That number would have seemed insurmountable.

In fact, it still does.

If I think about continuing to blog this frequently for another 13 weeks, I feel a contraction, a tightness in my chest, a narrowing in my throat. It seems like too much. But if I look at my chain, and see that if I keep blogging through Tuesday of next week, I’ll have blogged five days a week for three complete calendar months.

That milestone seems bigger than the effort that will be required to reach it. I can enjoy a deep breath, and feel tingles of excitement when I consider the possibility. In other words, totally doable.

And that has been the key.

Finding the thing that excites and inspires me and feels doable. That’s how I keep posting every day.

Crowd favorites.

With 65 posts over the last three months, some have ended up being more popular than others. Today I want to share with you a few that have been most popular with you, the reader.

In Praise of 750 Words

Closet Cleaning Follow-up

Bring Your Stick to Someone Who Can Throw It

About NLP: You Have All The Resources You Need

Tomorrow I’ll share some that haven’t been seen by as many people, but I really want you to read.

Photo Credit: 13th Birthday Minis by Sugar Daze on Flickr



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