Bring your stick to someone who can throw it

Oh, this sweet, sweet dog. He really just wants this guy to throw his stick. But the guy, on account of being made out of bronze, just can’t help him. It’s not the guy’s fault. He’s being the best statue of a man on a bench he can be.

Where do you take your stick?

As silly as this seems, we humans do it too. We take our sticks to people who can’t throw them for us. It’s not because there is anything wrong with them, they just aren’t stick throwers.

It’s a good thing to remember this when you’re seeking support, whether from a friend, family member or professional. Most people can’t help but bring their stuff, their bronze statue-ness, to someone else’s situation.

Start to notice.

Do you know someone who is particularly good at being enthusiastic for you? Talk to them when you’re exploring a tiny, not-quite-formed idea.

Do you know someone who always has an amazing knack for seeing the logical side of things? Talk to them when you have a problem that needs to be solved.

And file it away for future reference.

Know who always has a ready hug.

Know who can get you off your ass when you need to get moving.

Know who will throw your stick for you, when you really want to chase a stick.


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