Worth Repeating: Sometimes things don’t work out the way you want them to, and it’s even better

This post was originally published four years ago. It was an event and a feeling I haven’t forgotten, although sometimes, day-to-day, I could use a little reminder.

I thought maybe you could too.

* * *

In the summer of 2007 I climbed my first mountain. It was Mt. Saint Helen’s our local . . . → keep reading

Taking It Easy Is Not Rest

As I’ve been recovering and able to do more and more, I find myself taking it easy much of the day.

A little work, a little play, alternating through out the day.

More often than not, the periods sort of blend together as I think, I can spend some time with email as I’m resting . . . → keep reading

Revisting: The Structure of Procrastination

Today I was revisiting some posts from the beginnings of this blog, and came across this one. I think it’s worth repeating:

* * *

The term procrastination is generally thought of as a problem, but, is it really? Have you ever heard of “just-in-time” production or inventory? The theory is that . . . → keep reading

Set Apart

Once again, I’ve had an opportunity to see things from a different perspective.

Appearing in public with a black eye is a very interesting experience.

I was warned by a friend that people might be insensitive and make bad jokes about how I was injured, but I haven’t really experienced that.

Only a couple of . . . → keep reading

Many Small Bridges

The prescription for concussion recovery is rest. And more rest. And when you’re done resting, rest some more.

Except with all this rest, I’m having a hard time staying connected to what I want to be doing, what I need to finish. And then I remembered to build a bridge.

Bridges don’t have to be . . . → keep reading

Forced Reprioritization

This is one of those weeks that has a lot of moving parts and is very tightly scheduled. Thing A has to happen in time for Thing C but not before Thing B. The kind of stuff that if one thing gets out of whack, there’s the potential for it all falling apart.

At least . . . → keep reading

Dear Sleep: I miss you!

Dear Sleep,

I miss you.

Remember when we’d get together every night and hang out for eight or nine hours? And sometimes you’d even visit in the afternoon?

Those were good times.

This isn’t the worst separation we’ve had. It’s not like that time in my twenties when I didn’t have more than an hour . . . → keep reading

A peek at my process

I often start my blogging process with some free writing. I word doodle some ideas, ask myself questions, and just write whatever comes to mind. I usually end up with a nugget or two that becomes my blog post. I take that, write more, refine it, edit it, and post it.

For the longest time, . . . → keep reading

Why Why is the Wrong Question

As I’m writing this I asking myself “Why did I drink that Diet Coke?” I feel awful and am really wishing I hadn’t.

Which is kind of funny because in my twenties I had a killer addiction to the stuff. We’re talking two 32 ounce Diet Cokes slurped down every day at work.

But I . . . → keep reading

That point of summer

I’m noticing that we’re hitting that point in the summer where I find myself thinking, where has summer gone! It’s almost over!

The irony of course is that because I live in Portland, summer really only started a week and a half ago on July 5th. Well, this year it came a day early, and . . . → keep reading