That point of summer

I’m noticing that we’re hitting that point in the summer where I find myself thinking, where has summer gone! It’s almost over!

The irony of course is that because I live in Portland, summer really only started a week and a half ago on July 5th. Well, this year it came a day early, and we had a lovely, summery Independence Day too. But still, less than two weeks into a summer that still has two weeks in July, all of August and much of September, and I’m feeling like it’s nearly over?

Clearly it’s not logical, so what’s really going on?

Scarcity Gremlins

It seems these thoughts strike when I thinking about all the possibilities open to me during the summer, especially those things that aren’t as easy to do the rest of the year. And while initially it’s fun to think about them, it doesn’t take long for the scarcity gremlins to pop in and start whispering, you’ll never have enough time to do all of them.

You’ll have to pick and miss out on things.

You’re going to miss out on the best things of summer.

It’s not true

It’s just not true. Yes, of course I’ll have to make choices. I can’t do every possible thing available to me this summer. In fact, I don’t want to. Which helps me remember that one of the things I most enjoy about summer, is sitting outside, having a snack, watching the birds and the clouds and the bees and the flowers move in the breeze. You know, doing nothing.

There’s always time to experience the qualities important to you

Spaciousness is big for me right now, so those moments of just sitting outside are great. As are long runs and rides by lakes and rivers and through trees. Taking lots of breaks during my work periods also creates a wonderful sense of spaciousness.

When I pay attention to what the essence of summer is for me, and blend it with the qualities I most want in my life right now, I’m easily able to choose how to spend my time.

Yes to wine on the porch with friends.

No to a crowded summer music festival.

And, my summer starts to expand and shift as I notice just how full and rich it can be with those things. The worry about missing something fades away.

How are you choosing to spend your summer?

Photo credit: Dahlia grown, wine consumed and photo taken by me.

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