A peek at my process

I often start my blogging process with some free writing. I word doodle some ideas, ask myself questions, and just write whatever comes to mind. I usually end up with a nugget or two that becomes my blog post. I take that, write more, refine it, edit it, and post it.

For the longest time, I did this free writing longhand, but then with this every weekday blogging (for over 12 weeks!), I’ve more often done it in my 750words writing online.

But for some reason, yesterday and today, I did my free writing longhand.

And today, I feel compelled to share with you exactly what I wrote. No refining. No editing.

What do I want to blog about today?

Thinking about spending time with the girls. Thinking about things going smoothly even when it seems there are obstacles. Enjoying the novel I’m reading. Wishing I’d slept more. Noticing my writing looks different. Perhaps from keeping it small to fit between the lines.

Choosing what to keep and what should go. Where it should go if it goes. Resting into the support that keeps showing up, even if sometimes you have to ask for it.

This is what I want to write. And I sit here not knowing. Wondering if it is the best thing to write. Noticing the fear trapped in that. The gentleness that comes from writing it down.

Acknowledgement. Wondering. Mind wandering.


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