A little play makes everything better

Today I’m participating in another one of Maryann Devine’s Secret Play Dates. I’m a member of the Society of the Secret Play Date and have written about them before, how playing helps my productivity, and even how it was okay when I screwed up and missed the group call.

I haven’t been able to make a live call for awhile, but guess what?

It’s as awesome as I remember.

It’s a great reminder how the idea of introducing some creativity and play into your day or a specific project just isn’t great for getting things done, but it also leaves you feeling energized instead of drained.

You might also come up with a new idea or way of doing something while playing with your paints that you might not have discovered otherwise.

You don’t have to be an artiste

While I do love to get crafty and break out my Mr. Sketch pens on a regular basis, mostly I want to channel Maryann’s Secret Play Date philosophy.

The beauty of that is, I can do it anytime, anywhere. No actual glitter required. Although seriously, glitter really does make everything better.

When I want some serious mojo, I make sure the next Society Play Date is on my calendar, and save a project for it.

There’s just something about knowing people all over the country (even the world!) are Play Dating at the same time as you.

Playing in community

During the calls, I feel more dedicated to my play and get inspired by what the other Society Members are doing and how they’re doing it.

I feel connected and supported.

I know that there is someone, somewhere, playing or struggling, working or laughing at the same time as me.

Plus on a day when I have way more to do than time to do it, I was able to write this and post it to my blog with ease. With plenty of time for play. In less than 45 minutes.

How can you bring more play into your day?



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