The best fix can be no fix at all


I like tools. I like real tools and metaphorical tools. I like my toolkit and having access to what I need to fix things.

There’s a problem and a solution.

There’s a certain satisfaction to doing the work and having it be done. And that satisfaction can make it easy to turn everything into a . . . → keep reading

Thoughts from a half marathon

Shannon Wilkinson at the Foot Traffic Flat half marathon 2012

With this morning’s race complete, I promise the running-centric posts will dwindle substantially! But, I can’t help myself with this one. There’s lots of time to think while running for two hours.

Here are a few of the things I thought about:

People vary.*

As much as I know this, it’s easy to forget. There’s . . . → keep reading

Sticking With It

Shannon Wilkinson finishes her first marathon, the 40th Portland Marathon

On Wednesday, I’m running a half marathon, the Foot Traffic Flat. It’s in a beautiful area and the weather is supposed to be gorgeous. But I’m a little concerned.

There’s this thing that happens to me on every long run.

But it doesn’t just happen with runs. It happens every time I start my daily . . . → keep reading

Dashing an assumption


I just learned that something I thought everyone experienced, is not experienced by everyone.

In fact, it is experienced by only about 20 percent of the population.

Except that’s not exactly true either, because everyone experiences it, only 20 percent know that they are experiencing it.

I had no idea.

Truly I thought it was . . . → keep reading

When Distraction Hits


You might be thisclose to vacation.

You might be under-the-weather.

You might be dealing with a personal thing that makes everything else seem completely unimportant.

When you’re distracted, it’s hard to focus on anything more mentally strenuous than Damn You Autocorrect.

Yet, you power through trying to get stuff done. It doesn’t work. Unable to . . . → keep reading

Closet Cleaning Follow-up

Last week I wrote about how I wanted to unplug for the weekend. One of the things I wanted to do was clean my closet. Luckily, it wasn’t really in bad shape, but it was too full. Clothes were getting smushed and wrinkled. It was hard to find things. But more importantly, it was full . . . → keep reading

Cultivating Good Enough


Hi. My name is Shannon and I’m a recovering perfectionist.

Well, working on being a recovering perfectionist.

Ummm, wanting to be a recovering perfectionist.

Not to get all perfectionistic or anything, but for a perfectionist, it’s hard to imagine doing anything less.

Why would you do anything any way except perfectly? Why wouldn’t you want . . . → keep reading

Bring your stick to someone who can throw it


Oh, this sweet, sweet dog. He really just wants this guy to throw his stick. But the guy, on account of being made out of bronze, just can’t help him. It’s not the guy’s fault. He’s being the best statue of a man on a bench he can be.

Where do you take your . . . → keep reading

Weekend Unplugged

As I head into the weekend, I’m thinking about how I’m going to unplug. What exactly I’ll do to get out from behind this screen and move and relax and socialize and take care of some things that I want to get done.


There will be a long run. I’m officially signed up for . . . → keep reading

No Turquoise Horse For Me


At least not this month.

I’m surprisingly disappointed about this. I’ve been coveting the Turquoise Horse since I first discovered its existence. I wrote about it last month when I praised its home,


See, the Turquoise Horse is one of the silly little animal badges that you are awarded on for achieving . . . → keep reading