About NLP: You have all the resources you need…

It’s time to delve into those NLP Presuppositions a little more deeply.

What happens when you read #3 from the list?

You have all the resources you need to achieve your desired outcomes.

Did you relax a bit, maybe sigh, and think to yourself, “Really? What a relief!” Or did you thing, “Really? Because I want to be an NBA star!” and you’re well under 6 feet and haven’t played so much as H.O.R.S.E. since middle school.

Let’s clarify a few things

First up, resources.

When I talk about resources in this context, I’m talking about states of being (or feelings or qualities) as well as abilities, such at the ability to learn. Resources, in this case, are not physical attributes.

And next, outcomes.

Outcomes are results you desire and have control over.

What’s this mean?

Let’s look at the example of the person who wants to be an NBA star.

It’s hard to set out with the outcome to be a star of anything. There are so many aspects to how and why one person becomes a star and another doesn’t, and many of them are out of your control. Not to mention that certain physical attributes, such as height in the NBA, make certain activities are easier. (Although not absolutely necessary, just ask Muggsy Bogues.)

A completely achievable outcome is to be the best player you can be, which means that you’ll probably call on your inner resources of confidence, curiosity and desire, your ability to learn and seek help. And many other resources as you learn and practice the skills necessary to become the best player you can be.

Relaxing into it

Far reaching examples aside, what this really means to me, is that you can have what you really want. You have the ability to learn, to discover what you need to know to have what you want. Even if you haven’t experienced the resourceful states or qualities that will help you in this context, if you’ve ever experienced them, you have them available to you.

The key is understanding what qualities and resources will get you there, and feeling them in that situation. If you’d like an experience of this, listen to the (free) Create Confidence Explore & Play class.

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  1. The map is not the territory.
  2. The meaning of your communication is the response you get.
  3. You have all the resources you need to achieve your desired outcomes.
  4. Every behavior is motivated by positive intention. People make the best choices they can with the resources they have available.
  5. You cannot not communicate. Effective communicators accept and utilize all communication presented to them.
  6. All outcomes are achievements, there is no failure, only feedback.
  7. The element in a system that has the most flexibility will be the catalyst of that system.
  8. Respect each person’s model of the world.

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