About NLP: Respect each person’s model of the world

It’s time to delve a little deeper into another one of the NLP Presuppositions.

This time it’s number 8

Respect each person’s model of the world.

On the surface, this presupposition seems pretty straightforward. Having respect for another person and their beliefs is part of being a kind and conscientious person and member of society.

Yet, it goes beyond that. Beyond empathy even.

At the heart of this presupposition is remembering that every one of us has a unique model of the world. And, that unique model of the world prompts our thoughts and actions, perceptions and beliefs. It’s deep within this model that the positive intentions that motivate behavior live.

Forgetting this presupposition is at the root of most miscommunication.

Respect doesn’t necessarily mean agreement.

Having respect for another person’s model of the world helps you understand their choices, but doesn’t necessarily require agreement.

It allows you to meet people where they are, which sets you both up for successful communication.

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  8. Respect each person’s model of the world.


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