Lasting Relaxation

As I shared last week, I experienced my first float at Float On here in Portland. A day later I was still feeling happy and relaxed from it.

Today, I’m compelled to share that I’m still feeling that way!

This weekend was full of activities and lots and lots of driving. I’m not a big fan of driving, I’d much rather walk or bike if I can, but these trips wouldn’t allow that. The driving was made worse by a big storm that has been dumping loads of rain (our first serious rain in weeks and weeks). There were accidents and back-ups and slow-downs, and generally miserable conditions. The exact kind of driving that would leave me tense and exhausted, and fuels my dislike of driving.

But this weekend?

I just drove, and didn’t get tense or worked-up. It didn’t feel stressful and anxiety-producing.

Everything I did, just seemed to work out so easily. While I often feel that way, there was an extra sparkle to the past few days that I really have to attribute to the float.

Besides that, when I got into the tank, I had a little residual soreness from the marathon on Sunday. When I got out of the tank, I had absolutely none.

Why is it so amazing?

I’m not sure if it’s that I finally was able to really, really relax and rest. If it was the sensory deprivation and different brain-wave patterns that created this long-lasting experience. If it has to do with the magnesium and hydration effect from the epsom salts, or some combination of all of these things. I can only say that I’m a convert and look forward to floating on a regular basis going forward.

This feeling of being very present, with a heightened sense of clarity and presence, remains with me. I’m curious how long it will persist, and if regular floats will have cumulative effects. Wouldn’t that be great?!

If you’re curious about floating, I found this listing of places around the world with float tanks. I don’t know how exhaustive the list is, so if there isn’t one listed close to you (or wherever you happen to be traveling) the googles might help you discover something too.

If you do end up going for a float, let me know how it goes!


3 comments to Lasting Relaxation

  • If you’re in Portland, and curious, Float On, the place where I floated, is doing a half off special right now through Living Social. Click here to get it.

  • Jessica

    Shannon, I wanted to write a comment and thank you for this article on floating baths. I’d been curious about trying it out for a long time, but never pulled the trigger, which this article encouraged me to try it out. I had a so-so first experience, which I hear is par for the course and I would definitely encourage someone else to try it at least twice before deciding if it’s for them. I got so hooked, that I signed up for a 10-pack combo. I also found out that it’s covered under my group insurance (listed under naturopath) Thanks for the link for the Portland location, I will be trying to hit them up on my annual trek to the PDX area. Thanks muchly for this nudge :D

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