Transfer Ease & Effectiveness (an Explore & Play Class)

You know how there are those things in your life that come easy for you? That you find success with on a regular basis? And then there are those things you struggle with, procrastinate on, feel ineffectual about . . .

There are secrets in the things that come easy to you, that can help you bring more ease and effectiveness to other areas of your life. Even the things that you’ve struggled with over and over again.

Even if they’re completely unrelated.

You can even learn from other people who are already successful at the things you’d like to be better at doing.

Learn to experience ease and enjoy effectiveness where you want it the most.

During the next Explore & Play Class and Coaching Hour on Tuesday, October 16th, I’ll help you discover and learn from your most successful strategies and how to apply them to other areas of your life. I’ll also share ways to learn from the strategies of others. You’ll learn the key steps, unique to you, that will help you struggle less and become more effective.

What about you?

Where in your life would you like to feel more effective? Have more ease? Where do you feel like you already have ease and effectiveness? Share your experiences here, and I’ll be sure to address them on the call.

Also, make sure you’re on the list (sign up over there –>) to get the call in information. You’ll be able to ask questions and will have the opportunity to be coached through your situation on the call!

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