Using Habits for a Change (an Explore & Play Class)

Every year, I like to create a new habit that supports me in bringing about a bigger change in my life. It’s one of the easiest ways to let something bigger slip into your life, to create angst-free change. So much better than resolutions!

During the next Explore & Play Class and Coaching Hour on Tuesday, January 15th, I’ll share with you how creating a small habit can help you make a big change. You’ll be guided in choosing a habit that will support the change you want to create. I’ll also share a few mind-bending tricks with you that make habit creation easier and more fun.

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During the class, I shared how tiny habits can lead to big change, and how to go about creating new habits.

Then, I coached a couple of callers, including Darcy, who wants to cook meals for herself – to feed herself at home. She finds herself getting overwhelmed with all the moving parts of that, from buying groceries to having a clean and inviting kitchen in which to work. We discover why it’s important to her and end up creating a small habit that sets the scene for her to feed herself at home.

Ann asks about how to deal with overwhelm, particularly with a pile of things she needs to go through.

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