Here you will find hundreds of blog posts on everything ranging from how I decided to become a coach to how backing up helps you move forward or why you might want to do a favor for future you.

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Get Back on Track in St. Louis on March 14th

and make 2015 the year you reach your goals!

Did you set a big 2015 goal for yourself, and now you wonder if it’s really possible? Did you avoid setting any goals, even if there’s stuff you’d really like to do, because you can’t stand the thought of being disappointed? (Again.)

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Really fear, you again?!

Kaanapali Beach, Maui, Hawaii

Last week, I shared on Facebook, that I snorkeled for the first time.

For many people, that’s not such a big deal. I really didn’t expect it to be such a big deal for me either, because I thought I’d overcome a big water fear seven years earlier, and was very surprised to have it . . . → keep reading

42 is the answer to . . .

Tuesday, 11/11, will mark three and a half years of monthly Explore & Play classes, which means it’s also class 42.

Since 42 is the answer to “the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything,” it’s the perfect time to let go of something that was once a big thing, to create space for . . . → keep reading

October Coaching Hour (an Explore & Play Class)

It’s October coaching hour on Tuesday! What’s keeping you stuck? Call in on Tuesday and get coached through your pattern of procrastination, angst about uncertainty or frustrating situations.

Whether you get coached or not, I can guarantee that you’ll leave the call with new techniques and strategies that you can use immediately. And, as always, . . . → keep reading

Put off Procrastination (an Explore & Play Class & Coaching Hour)

Is your to-do list cluttered with things you just can’t get yourself to do?

Do you have things you’d love to be doing, but just can’t find the time?

Imagine what your life be like if . . .

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August Coaching Hour (an Explore & Play Class)

Tuesday it’s time for our August coaching hour! If you have a project you can’t seem to start, a relationship that pushes your buttons or you find yourself in an unhelpful pattern, call in and get coached through your situation.

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How Are You Celebrating Boring & Dull Day?

Shannon Wilkinson can't help smiling!

Yes, it’s totally a thing here in Oregon! And it’s this Saturday, August 9th.

It commemorates the pairing of the city of Boring, in Oregon, and the village of Dull, in Scotland, as a “Pair for the Ages”. If that makes you smile, you’ll find the full text of the law pretty entertaining.

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Freedom from Self-Talk (a No-Cost Explore + Play Class + Coaching Hour)

How’s your inner critic treating you? It’s not unusual to have an unkind tyrant with a non-stop monologue criticizing your every move. Even if your inner dialogue isn’t so harsh, if it’s distracting or anything other than supportive, it can keep you stuck and feeling bad.

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Change your Mind, Change your Life (an Explore & Play Class & Coaching Hour)

Your perceptions guide your actions. What you think directly impacts how you feel and what you do. You have much more control over your mind than you think.

During the June Explore & Play Class & Coaching Hour, I’ll be teaching you how you can change your mind to make small and big changes in . . . → keep reading