A One-Month Blogging Challenge

I spent the last week in St. Louis with my friend and collaborator Janine Adams. The main purpose of the trip was to co-teach the workshop, Create Freedom and Ease with Habits and Routines. Of course we managed to get some shopping, spa time and lots of talking done too!

We spent a fair amount of time talking about our businesses. It turns out both of us want to be posting more to frequently to our blogs than we have been. I’ve been talking about this for years, even to the point of threatening boringness and irrelevancy. And yet, nothing has really stuck for long enough to be consistent.

With all the studying I’ve been doing on habits, it’s quite clear that it’s easier to establish a new habit as a daily activity, rather than something more sporadic. So Janine and I challenged each other to a month of weekday blogging.

I know I can rise to a challenge, so I’m really looking forward to this one. I’m curious how I’ll do it, and I’m looking forward to Janine’s posts too.

How about you? Care to join us?

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