On not throwing in the towel

On Tuesday, I announced that I was starting a month-long blogging challenge. Starting with that post, I wanted to blog every weekday for a month.

On Wednesday, I woke up thinking about what I might blog about, which was kind of exciting! I hadn’t already forgotten, which is a great first step.

When it was time to get to work, I checked email first, which I normally try to avoid, but in this case I was glad I did. A kind reader informed me that my site had been hacked. I figured it would be some annoying but quickly fixable thing. Well, it was fixable, but it took the amazing Nathan Briggs to get it sorted for me. He had everything back up by the evening.

After all that I didn’t have the energy to get a post up. The irony of announcing the blogging challenge and then not being able to access my site wasn’t lost on me. In fact, it was very tempting there for a minute to throw in the towel on the whole thing. I mean, what if it was a sign?


After talking myself down, and remembering that it’s not about never getting stuck again, I thought about what I can do to keep going, when I felt like I’d been derailed right away. I reminded myself why this is important to me. I thought about how I could make it easy. And then I started from where I was.

 Image: Derail by Jinx on flickr


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