It's NOT about never getting stuck again

Do you ever just wake up sometimes and feel sad? No reason, no easy to figure out reason anyway. Just there you are feeling a little down. Or anxious. Or just out of sorts, a bit stuck. What happens next?

Do you think, “oh no, what is wrong with me, I’m feeling this again?” Or do you remember that this feeling you’re having, will come and go. There’s no greater meaning in it. I love when my clients begin to understand that the less they fight, the less they push, the kinder and gentler they are with themselves, the quicker they move out of the stuck space.

This is a tough one though. It so often brings up a fear of, if I don’t push, if I don’t make myself get out of this place, I’ll be here forever.

There are a gazillion cliches I could share now: This too shall pass, What you resist persists, you know, you’ve heard them, and I don’t need to go through them all. I’ll share something with you, while they may be true it still pisses me off when someone says them when I need to hear them the most.

So, rather than that, how about a little kind curiosity?

Notice what it is that you’re fighting against. What if it were a person, a friend, a child? What would you say to that friend? What would you do for them?

Perhaps you’d just listen. Let them pour their heart out on your kind shoulder.

Maybe you’d suggest some physical comfort: a nice cup of tea, a quiet walk, bowling (sometimes you need to throw heavy objects at things and knock them over).

Sometimes a healthy distraction is in order, like a movie or a book.

It doesn’t matter so much what you do, but rather how you approach it. It’s NOT about never getting stuck again. It’s about how much kindness can you offer yourself when you do.

Have you started practicing this? Do you do something else? Share your experiences in the comments!

8 comments to It's NOT about never getting stuck again

  • This was just what I needed to read today! Thank you.

  • @joely Thanks. Glad it was there for you. hugs

  • definitely a timely post Shannon, been in this mode 3 weeks now and beautifully manifested it into both internal and external shadows I’m battling (of course in my head). I’ve tried various outs but only got little spells of relief so I’m determined not to go another week in this place I’ve been. I’m using the analogy (in my head) it’s like a dog or bunch of dogs, I recognize maybe it or they need something, attention, stretch the legs a little bit, get some exercise but if you can’t play right… I’m not going to chase you and run after you. And I’m not going to pet you if you just turn and jump all over me. I’m not going to throw you the ball if you won’t bring it back. Just not fun and not going to play this game anymore… unless you can play nicely. Doesn’t really feel like the kindest thing, feels a little bit of tough love but I think it comes to it’s the kindest thing I can do for me cause hey, I got things to do, places to be and more to see. If that don’t work, tossing a bowling ball sounds right up my alley, that or the driving range.

  • I love the idea of engaging those feelings with some curiosity instead of either pushing through them or just trying to reassure yourself that they’ll pass. I’ll definitely give that a try—thanks!

    Something I find usually works for me is to use EFT and to just really let myself wallow while I tap. Sometimes there’s just nothing like deciding to let myself really, really feel anxious or out of sorts or blue for no real reason.

  • Oh, so true.

    I think we do tend to come up against the same issues over and over again, and we tend to get despondent and think we’ll never crack them.

    But I don’t think it’s that at all. I think it’s just that learning is a spiral path, not a straight line. So though we may be passing over the same point again and again, each time we’re looking at it from a higher perspective. It’s not the same lesson, it’s the same subject at a higher level.

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