Bookkeeping Becomes a Treat

Janine AdamsChange. Gah! Why does it have to be so hard? That’s what we think anyway. It doesn’t have to be.

Emphatically not.

Here’s the first of many stories I’ll be sharing with you about making a major change the drama-free, ease-filled, boring way.

The dreaded bookkeeping backlog

Bookkeeping is rarely anyone’s favorite business management tasks. It was no different for long-time friend, client, collaborator and professional organizer, Janine Adams. Before using Boring Change, she said she dreaded dealing with Quickbooks. She’d rather do anything than enter data into the bookkeeping program, and had let nearly a year’s worth of data stack up before tax time was forcing her to do something about it:

“I had a huge block against [it]. I hoped that Boring Change would help me get past it so that I could get caught up (and stay caught up) with Quickbooks.”

Maybe five minutes will help

Janine was familiar with Boring Change from using it in the past, so she jumped right into listening to the five minute Quick Shift recording. Using it with this issue helped Janine get past her deep-seated reluctance to enter data into Quickbooks. She immediately and happily started entering data daily, without needing to force herself, until she was caught up. And now, more than a year later, still finds herself excited about keeping up with data entry:

“Entering data into Quickbooks was transformed from a dreaded task to a treat that I allow myself. I’m surprised to find I use it as a reward for getting more onerous things accomplished! It’s an amazing shift. I actually look forward to doing Quickbooks.”

Not only is Janine more aware of her business finances in real time, tax time is now infinitely easier.

A Million Boring Changes

I know it sounds fantastical, that there’s a way to change bad habits, stop unwanted patterns and get more of what you want, without pain and angst. It’s hard to imagine, so I’m showing you. Here. In the stories of the people that use Boring Change. I have this crazy idea of sharing a million boring change stories. I would love one of them to be yours.

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