Is it cheating?

It turns out I have rules. This month-long blogging challenge has been bringing them up left and right.

These rules are not only unwritten, but they are also apparently unconscious. I didn’t even know they existed until I violated them!

When considering how I could blog more with ease, many of the ideas I came up with were met with, yeah, but that’s cheating.

Cheating Who?

Two of the many rules I’ve discovered are:

  • Anything you’ve already written doesn’t count. Even if you wrote it yesterday (i.e. writing in advance doesn’t count).
  • Ideas you came up with before don’t count.

Isn’t it interesting that things I could do to make it easier don’t count. And, essentially I have to gut out the idea generating and writing on a daily basis. You know, put the challenge in the challenge!

Changing the Rules

Luckily I have not-so-secret weapons, like people in my corner to point this out, and ways to make change with ease.

Incidentally this post came from a list of ideas of for blog posts I have in Evernote and was partially drafted during a writing session.

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