Someone In Your Corner

Each week I have two regularly scheduled calls. One is with my mastermind Superheroes group and the other is with a friend and colleague who was in a different mastermind group with me.

Having these calls each week creates space for me to work through stuck places, to process aloud, to ask for advice, and be held gently accountable.

Accountability. It’s not a dirty word.

That accountability is especially important. No one shakes their fingers at me if I don’t do something, but they do cheer for me when I do, and hold the space when I don’t. It’s a safe space where I can get at the issue, and figure out how to do what it is I really want to do.

Over the years, I’ve had different relationships that filled this need. I’ve had accountability buddies by phone and by email, a couple of different mastermind groups, and I’ve worked with coaches.

Do you have someone in your corner?

Having someone like this in your life is different than a romantic partner, a parent or even most friends. You need to be able to be specific about how you would like them to respond. What gentle accountability looks, sounds and feels like for you.

This person can be a friend, someone you’ve interacted with at a workshop or online, or a coach or other professional. What matters most, is that you’re both committed to the accountability relationship and to achieving what it is you want.


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