Building a Bridge (to Monday)

It’s Friday afternoon, and I’m about to wrap up for the week. Well, that’s not exactly true. I will be doing a bit of work over the weekend, but I want my brain to be able to take a break from obsessing thinking about work.

Except, I find that really hard to do.

When I do unplug completely over the weekends, my Monday’s can be lost mornings, trying to get going again, unsure what my priorities are, a bit of a rut you might say.

Knowing this about myself, I’ve decided to build a bridge to Monday. A nice, beautiful but very user-friendly bridge that crosses over the weekend.

I can play all around, over and under it, and then after the weekend, I am clearly connected between where I ended my work on Friday and restart it on Monday.

Built of Notes and Qualities

This bridge is built of notes and key words and qualities. Not too much, or it will be overwhelming when I look at it again. Just enough to know exactly where I want to start, and how to focus my attention.

This bridge is more than a to do list. It’s more like friendly graffiti, reminding why these particular things matter to me.

  • Priority 1 – because it feels so great to have it finished.
  • Priority 2 – because that will make Wednesday go, oh-so-much-more-smoothly.
  • Priority 3 – because it’s been bugging you for awhile and you’ll love it when it’s no longer a problem!

What are your bridge-building skills like? When might a bridge help you stay out of a rut?

Photo Credit: The Pont du Gard in Southern France by Me


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