Getting out of a Rut (an Explore & Play Class)

Engaging in all this habit-making of late has me wondering about ruts.

Ruts can be hard to identify, and even harder to get out of and regain your momentum. During the next Explore & Play Class I’ll share with you some ways to identify if you’re in a rut, and ways to get out if you find yourself in one.

To help me cover the information most helpful to you, I’d love to know a little more about your experience with ruts. Do you have a problem with them? What kind of ruts have you found yourself in? Do you find it easy to get out of a rut?


Another great class! I shared a ninja move for getting out of a rut quickly, and gentler strategies for getting out of them, and staying out. Callers were coached on humongous ruts, overwhelming ruts and mental ruts.

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6 comments to Getting out of a Rut (an Explore & Play Class)

  • I think I know I’m in a rut when I keep beating myself up over a behavior. If I habitually do something that doesn’t make me feel good about myself, it’s probably time to take a look at it and see about doing something different.

  • That’s a great indicator Janine. Thanks for sharing!

  • Hi Shannon! Just popping by to say thank you for the amazing call yesterday on getting out of ruts! It really made me think, and I already implemented a few tiny changes. I’ve had a morning rut (getting up late and not having enough time to get ready with my daughter) and although my instinct was to believe that the best solution was to set my alarm a FULL HOUR EARLY (whew and ouch and yawn), after thinking about it yesterday during the call, I set my alarm for just 20 minutes earlier. Just a gentle nudge. And you know what? This morning went so smoothly! I’m thinking about ways to apply this to other situations in my life now, too. Thank you so much :)

    • You’re welcome Jesse! Isn’t it funny how easy it is to think you have to do way more than necessary? Love, love, love the small nudge you came up with to make your mornings easier.

      I’d love to hear other ways you apply this in your life too.

      Keep thinking small! ;)

      • Let’s see…I’m in a rut with exercise (don’t wanna! no time!) where it seems like “throwing it into reverse” would be trying to schedule an hour-long commitment to the gym or a class. I have so much resistance here! But I found less resistance making this change: yesterday I set an alarm on my phone that will remind me every day to do a plank or 15 angle pushups. Even though I’ve been thinking about this for weeks now (I miss my arm strength, I love doing angle pushups) I’ve been completely unable to take any action. But today I did my plank! Wooo!

        I have in mind some much, much bigger ruts that I am interested in shifting out of — some feel easier (fixing chronic messy areas in my house, for instance) and some feel much much harder (silent retreat, but it’s all wrapped up with body and self-image). I’m definitely thinking about this a lot since the call.

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