I love that I can have clients around the world. I love that I can work anywhere with an internet connection. I love that I don’t have to brush my hair or go to an office or commute more than 13 stairs.

But, sometimes, nothing beats seeing people In Real Life.

I make sure I get a dose of IRL every week. I have a standing co-working cafe date with a friend and colleague. And I try to get together with other people for non-coffee dates pretty regularly. I have a couple of special hypnosis house-call clients here in Portland.

And sometimes I get extra-special doses of IRL time, like today when my friend Maryann, who lives in Philadelphia, and I sat at a cafe and talked and laughed for far longer than either of us realized.

Or like a couple of weeks ago, when I headed to St. Louis to co-teach an in-person workshop with  Janine and spend lots of quality time simply hanging out. (That’s us at the workshop.)

I love seeing my faraway (even if they’re just from the next county) friends IRL and working with clients IRL. There’s something about seeing people in person, that makes it extra exciting.

Don’t worry though.

Even though I have this little idea party in my head about how I can get more IRL time with friends and clients, there’s no way I’m giving up phone coaching any time soon.

Photo of Janine Adams & Shannon Wilkinson at the Create Freedom and Ease with Habits and Routines workshop in St. Louis taken by Ray Marklin


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