Good | Bad | Rad #9

A look back at some of the best, worst and most surprising parts of my week.

The Good

Connecting. I met with a group of women this week that inspire me. We always have such interesting, thoughtful discussions. Every time we get together, I leave with a list of books I want to read, ideas to explore, things to consider. I love virtual, and nothing beats IRL!

Ikea. I love living so close to an Ikea. I went there for bookshelves, which I found, and also came across several other things that I’ve been hoping to find. I was thrilled the shelves I bought are made out of real solid wood too. Excited for my favorite books to have a cozy new home.

Getting around by Bike. This week I took my bike just about everywhere (except Ikea!). The weather has just been perfect for riding. It turns out that it usually take me about the same amount of time to get somewhere by bike, as by car. Even to get to the meeting I had about 10 miles from home. I can go a more direct route, no worries about parking. And, perhaps most importantly, there’s something about traveling by bike, that leaves you feeling free and less stressed than driving. I may have to outfit one of my bikes for winter riding.

The Bad

Are we there yet? With the Portland Marathon just over a week away, I’m at that point where I just want it to be here already! I’m ready to stop training and race already! Of course, during the race, I’m sure I’ll wish I would have trained more.

Ikea. Love my new wood shelves, but really, is nothing so tedious as putting together ready to assemble stuff? I’ve learned the hard way, you just have to work through the picture book (aka: instruction manual) slowly and methodically, paying attention to every weird little drawing and taking every step methodically. It just takes way more time than you ever expect it to!

Bad Free wifi. I like to head to a local cafe to write this post each week, but today the wifi god’s were not smiling down on my endeavors. Being beholden to someone else’s modem, router and internet connection can be frustrating! Makes me wish for a mobile device that let’s me provide my own internet connection wherever I am.

The Rad

White boards. How have I lived so long without white boards?! I bought a couple recently, and I’ve been using them all the time. They make it so easy to work out complex systems, and help me organize my thoughts around something with lots of parts.

This week I used them extensively to help me map out some changes I’m making here at Perception Studios. It was so valuable to be able to organize all the information. And then, with just a snap of my phone, I have a picture I can stick in Evernote for future reference. Then, it’s easy to transfer the information to my Workflowy list and turn it into a step-by-step project. Wipe clean the board, and move on to the next thing! (And yes, I’m still loving Workflowy!)

And you?

What were the Good | Bad | Rad parts of your week? Share them here, in the comments, or on the Perception Studios Facebook page.


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