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Coaching Services

Unbelievable Ease

A personalized six-month coaching program for people who want life to be massively productive, magically fun — and majorly easy. Read more about Unbelievable Ease.

Catalyst Coaching

Individual transformational coaching sessions when it’s just this one thing. Discover Catalyst Sessions.

Change Artistry

Group coaching for coaches (even if your don’t call your work with clients coaching) that will deepen your coaching skills, give you the coaching you need to take action and provide deep levels of support (and access to me and all my skills and knowledge). Get the scoop on Change Artistry.

Downloadable & Electronic Products

Boring Change

Boring Change helps you leave behind the frustration of trying and pushing and forcing yourself to do things differently. It’s a complete kit of audio and written materials to guide you in making change in a new way, a way that’s so easy it’s boring. Learn how you can get big results from Boring Change.

Why Resolutions Don’t Work (and How To Get What You Want Anyway)

This recorded teleclass and workbook will help you re-vamp a resolution that isn’t working. But it isn’t just for New Year’s Resolutions. It can also help you create a new habit or establish a goal that really works for you any time of year. It’s taught by me, and Janine Adams a professional organizer that knows how to help people get big projects done. It includes a great mix of practical advice and guided exercises. Learn how to Get What You Want.

Check in with Yourself

A free five minute audio that helps you pause, rather than push through, and find what’s really important to you in the moment.  It’s great when you find yourself feeling a little unsure or icky, or like you want to do something but aren’t sure what. Listeners describe the five minute process as “peaceful and calming” and “a great way to quickly find some balance.” Experience calm in just minutes.

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