You Have Big Work to Do

And, you could use some support.

The problem is, sometimes you need a life coach, sometimes a business coach, and other times you’d really like to deepen your coaching skills. And then, there’s this desire for access to resources and accountability. 

Really, you want it all, but you aren’t sure if that’s even possible.

The good news? It is possible.

I know, you’re probably skeptical. Like many of my other clients (and me!) you’ve probably been drawn in to really fantastic sounding products and programs. And then, they didn’t really get at what you needed . . . the system didn’t work for you . . . it just didn’t feel right. The problem is, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to creating the coaching practice (and life) that works for you.

That’s why I’ve created something different.

While I will be teaching you coaching techniques, what we’ll really be doing is learning what works for you, clearing the blocks you have to success and taking action on the things that will help you feel even more confident and competent in your work.

By the end of the four-month program, you will have:

  • new coaching skills and techniques to help your clients (and you) have more success
  • beliefs that support you in your business and life
  • answers to the business questions that keep you stuck
  • increased confidence to move forward in a way that’s right for you

Working with Shannon has been one of the best decisions I have made in developing my coaching business.  Individual sessions and group calls have been invaluable for me for my own process, for learning how to use these skills with my clients and in my business development.  I wasn’t even sure what my questions were in the beginning and she skillfully helped me find the steps that were the most effective in reaching my goals.

Debby Potts – Portland, Oregon

Why this? Why now?

This past summer, while giving a talk at a Portland speaker series on how to Get It Done, I learned that a number of attendees were coaches who were hoping to pick up some techniques to bring back to their clients. The idea of bringing training for coaches into my practice excited and intrigued me.

I talked over the idea with some trusted friends and colleagues, and a new way of working was born. I’m not sure why I was so surprised at how natural it felt, after all, I’m a certified trainer in NLP and HNLP coaching, had my own coaching practice for over 11 years, was a business consultant prior to that (I’ve been a self-employed entrepreneur since 1996).

When ​I shared the idea with a few great coaches I know, they quickly signed up to try it out one-on-one. After a bit of experimentation, it’s blooming into an even better idea:

Change Artistry

A Coach the Coach Group Mentorship Program

​This four-month program will deepen your coaching skills, give you the coaching you need to take action and provide deep levels of support and accountability (plus unparalleled access to me and all my skills, knowledge and resources).

It starts February 3rd, 2015, and includes​ teleclasses​, live coaching (by phone)​ and check-ins to ask questions and get accountability.

Each month includes four different sessions:

Week 1 – Master Class:
During these 60- to 75-minute calls you will learn techniques that will help you work more effectively with your clients. I will teach the technique, demonstrate it with one of you, and share with you how you can use it in your business (and with yourself).

Week 2 – Group Coaching:
During these 60- to 90-minute calls, I will coach several of you through the issues that are holding you back in your coaching and business. You’ll have the opportunity to get coached on any issue in your business or life (because sometimes it’s hard to separate the two) that is holding you back. After each coaching session, I will debrief/go meta and explain the coaching techniques I used to facilitate the transformation, and how you can use them in your coaching.

Week 3 – Check-in Call:
During these 60- to 90-minute calls, we’ll do a round-robin check-in, hearing from each of you in turn, answering questions and doing spot-coaching.

Week 4 – Virtual Class:
You’ll receive the audio and companion PDF for one of my Explore & Play classes. I’ll be answering questions and providing additional information on the group page about how to do the technique and use it with your clients.

PLUS, you get these extras:

Online home:
Through all of this, we’ll have an online home (likely a Facebook group) where you can get your questions answered, check-in and get accountability.

Explore & Play Library:
You’ll get access to the complete library (42!) of Explore & Play classes and coaching hours. You can learn the techniques to use with your clients, or work through an issue you personally are experiencing. (This alone is a $1500 value.)

Workshop Admissions:
I’ll be teaching a 90-minute workshop in St. Louis during March and a half day workshop in Portland during April 2015, and admission for both workshops is included as part of this program. (Any travel expenses are your responsibility.)

As a pilot program, we’re bound to discover things that work really well, and things that could be improved. Expect things to evolve as we go. You’ll also get unparalleled access to me. This is my big work, and I want to learn as much as I can, while helping you do your big work.

Sessions will be on Tuesdays at 2pm PT (see what time that is for you here) starting February and continuing through May.

If you’re in need of amazing, right on, heart-centered coaching, hire Shannon.

Jennifer Louden, Bainbridge Island, WA
author of The Woman’s Comfort Book,
coach, speaker & retreat creator

Are you in?

Imagine all the little miracles that can happen when you feel confident, deepen your coaching skills to better serve your clients and get the advice you need to grow in your career (and life).


One payment of $988:


Four payments of $247:

I’m keeping this pilot program small and intimate. Think you, me and a few other bright, curious and open people. I don’t know how quickly this will fill. I’m currently inviting people I think would be a good fit. When it’s full, it’s full. If you’re sure, click one of the payment buttons above. If you aren’t sure, please send me a message, or schedule a short call with me to get your questions answered.

I have participated in two of Shannon’s group programs so far and the lessons I learned continue to be very useful to me. As well, she has been coaching me for the last few months as I explore ways to develop a leadership coaching practice. My sessions with her have been eye-, heart-, and mind-opening! (And, she’s really funny, which helps when she is helping you succeed at something difficult.)

Laura Steffen

More praise just around the corner . . .