How Clear Are You? Really?

Foggy, snowy St. Johns Bridge - Portland, Oregon by Shannon WilkinsonWhile coaching people on yesterday’s Explore & Play call, a little theme developed. It’s the same thing I’m going to be talking about at Thursday’s free talk here in Portland.

How clear are you about what you want?

Is it foggy and unclear?

Is it what others think you should want?

Is it a thinly masked version of what you don’t want? 

When you aren’t where you want to be — whether you feel lightyears away or thisclose but not quite there — this is the first step. Without it, it’s like trying to drive cross-country without a map. Or even across town, if you aren’t sure where you’re going.

You don’t have to know all the steps to get where you want to be.

In fact, wanting to know the steps may be part of what’s keeping you stuck. It’s enough, right now, to explore how it will feel to you.

If you’d like more clarity, and are in Portland, please join me at 7:15pm on Thursday, February 13th at Athleta Portland in the Pearl District. I’ll be getting more in-depth on this subject and guiding attendees to clarity on what they really want. (free)

Aren’t in Portland? Grab yourself a copy of Why Resolutions Don’t Work (and how to get what you want anyway) and be guided through exercises to get clarity (plus a whole lot more). It’s not just for new year’s resolutions!

Photo: A foggy snowy view of the St. Johns Bridge during Portland’s version of Snowpocalypse 2014!


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