February Coaching Hour (an Explore & Play Class)

December’s Coach-a-thon was super popular. And, I’ve been hearing more and more from people that they love the coaching part of the Explore & Play calls most of all.

So, we’re going to try an experiment this month.

The February call, on Tuesday, February 11th, will be a full coaching hour! This will mean coaching for more of you, plus I’ll share a tip or idea that comes out of each mini-session so that you can apply it to your unique situation. At the end of the call, you’ll have a variety of ideas to try in your own life. I’ll also be taking your questions.

Feeling stressed, procrastinating, just wish you could bring a little more ease into your life?

Join the call and get the change you want.

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What would you like to change if you could?

Let me know here in the comments, on the Facebook page, or send me a private note; especially if you might like to be coached on Tuesday. 


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