Good | Bad | Rad #25

A look back at some of the best, hardest and most surprising parts of my week.

The Good

Floating. Still a big fan of the float! Had a glorious 90 minutes of sensory isolation; floating weightless in complete darkness. Each time I do it, it’s a little bit different, but always really wonderful. I let my mind wander…thinking, not thinking, paying attention to my breath, letting things just float by. It’s the kick-off to a week focused on planning for my business, and it was a perfect way to start the process.

The Bad

Head Cold. Remember last week when I said that I’d been feeling like I might be getting a cold for the last couple of weeks? Got it! It’s not bad, as far as these things go, but it’s unpleasant, and interrupting my sleep. And you know how I don’t like losing sleep. I trust it will be over soon enough. And it gave me the opportunity to be grateful to me from the past.

The Rad

Exploring & Playing. Have I told you lately how much I love these coaching hours? It doesn’t matter, because I have to tell you again, I love these calls! I never know what I’ll be coaching someone through, though I do know I won’t have a whole lot of time to do it. I love that mystery and challenge. I love that people trust me enough to jump in and ask a question and volunteer to be coached. It’s especially satisfying to hear from coached callers about how the changes have made a difference for them. I really do hope you’ll be on the next call (and that you’ll volunteer to be coached).

And you?

What were the Good | Bad | Rad parts of your week? Share them here, in the comments, or on the Perception Studios Facebook page.


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