Challenges Redux

Remember last week when I told you I was going to take on a challenge with the help of Havi and Naomi? Well, what I’ll be learning, as they put it, is:

“How to promote the hell out of that cool thing you do without being gross
and/or getting tangled in scary, overwhelming horribleness.”

One of the hardest things about being self-employed is having to promote yourself. As far as I’m concerned it’s way easier to promote other people (see above). After all you get to know them, you work with them, you dig what they’re doing. Of course you want to tell other people about it.

But when I’m talking about myself? Oy, different story! I know that the stuff I do is helpful, at least that’s what clients have said. I suppose it all has to do with those lessons we learned to try and survive on the playground about tooting horns and bragging, and whatever crazy things we tried to do to get the other kids to like us or at least not spit on us.

So anyway, I’m ready to kick those old feelings to the curb. If you’re ready to do that too, then join me and a bunch of other (I’m sure really cool) people this Wednesday. And if you type in “havi” when it asks for a coupon code in the shopping cart, you’ll get $30 bucks off. Oh, and just so you know, apparently the first 8 VIP slots sold out in less than two days or something, but I think they’ve added more.

Besides all this? They claim it’s sexy. Even sexier than playing guitar.

1 comment to Challenges Redux

  • Susan Long

    Hey if this gets you to dance naked on one of those mountains tops you climb than hey kick like hell. ‘Cause you know thats like damn crazy sexy and a whole lot of being you!

    Kick it to the curb!


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