Twitter Angst

I’ve been dipping my toe in a few different social media sites. You can find me on Linked In, Xing, Facebook and Twitter. I also am on Mark Silver’s forum, The Business Oasis.

I’ve joined these groups for a couple of reasons. One is that working from home can feel pretty lonely at times. It’s nice to spend a couple of minutes connecting with people in different ways. Even if it’s just to poke a friend on Facebook, I feel more connected. I also have lots of colleagues and friends out there that are more than willing to answer a question, or help me find information, or just be a sounding board.

But, they can also be a bit of a time suck. (The sites, not the friends.) Of course, it’s all about being conscious with what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. And timers. I’m not kidding I have a kitchen timer on my desk. I use it when I want to stay aware of the passage of time. (Not my strong point.)

The other thing that’s interesting to me is the stuff that comes up for me while doing these things. I just recently started tweeting. Twittering? See, I don’t even have the patois down yet. Anyway, I’ve been paying attention to twitter for awhile but I’ve been afraid to jump in. I didn’t want to get it wrong. It’s 140 characters, and it counts them for you. How wrong can you get it?!

That’s the logical part of me talking, clearly not getting the 12-year-old part of me that wants to be liked by the cool kids. ‘Cause you know the cool kids are the best twitterers in the world, and they’ll laugh at me if I do it wrong. And they won’t follow me and and let me follow them.

Well, after a little inspiration and a challenge issued from that Self-promotion for wimps course I’m taking, I had a very gentle conversation with that part of me, and we agreed that we’d try it out for awhile. If it’s not fun, then off we’ll go, back to buying my sister as a pet on facebook and making her pinch people.

Please friend, connect, contact or follow me if you’re into that kind of thing.

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