Carpal Tunnel Coaching Special

Sorry, this extra-special offer has expired.
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This is going to be quick.

It seems with all the novel writing and the hanging out in the Tuscan Villa that is my email and the finishing up of a new product, Boring Change, I have overtaxed my hands and wrists and have major pain from carpal tunnel and tendinitis. My days now consist of ice baths for my arms, ugly wrist braces, and long, frustrating chats with my new friend Bixby, the speech recognition software program.  At least that’s what he writes every time I say MacSpeech to him.

While I have to severely limit the use of my hands and wrists over the next two weeks, there’s no reason I can’t talk on the phone.

That’s good news for you!

Normally I only have a few hours a week available for telephone coaching, but suddenly, all the time I had allotted to finish up that product is now wide open. So, I’m having a carpal tunnel coaching special!

If you ever wanted to try coaching but didn’t want to make a big commitment, now’s your chance. Between now and Friday, December 4, I’m going to be doing single coaching sessions (an hour-long) for just $99 each.  That’s practically half my normal session fee.

Usually, we’d exchange emails, chat for 10 minutes or so, then schedule a session.  To try and limit the amount of typing required, I’ve put an add to cart button below. Once you buy a session you’ll get an automatic e-mail to schedule it. Since this bypasses the normal get to know you process, if during the first 15 minutes of the session either of us decides this isn’t the right thing, I’ll cheerfully refund your money immediately.

Sound good?

And remember, you’re not just getting a coaching session for a really great price, you’ll also help me stay sane while I’m healing my hands and wrists.  And that’s a good thing.

I’m in! (Click the “add to cart” button below)

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Sorry, this extra-special offer has expired.
Learn how we can work together here.

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