Be Resourceful (an Explore & Play Class)

You’ve been there before, those situations when you feel triggered and have tunnel vision.

We all have.

It seems that the possibilities have narrowed down to fight, flight or dissolve in a puddle of tears. Afterwards you see all the different ways you could have handled it, the different things you could have said or done.

But didn’t.

You resolve to be different next time, but next time comes, and it’s rarely any different.

Learn to be resourceful when you need it most.

During the next Explore & Play Class and Coaching Hour on Tuesday, September 11th, I’ll teach you how you can access your inner resources in the most difficult of situations. I’ll also share ways to defuse those same situations in the future and from the past. You’ll have new possibilities open to you, and can respond differently in the future.

Have you experienced this?

When would you like to feel more resourceful? Share your experiences here, and I’ll be sure to address them on the call.

Also, make sure you’re on the list (sign up over there –>) to get the call in information. You’ll be able to ask questions and will have the opportunity to be coached through your situation on the call!

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