Why Resolutions Don't Work (and How To Get What You Want Anyway)

Where are you on the New Year’s Resolution Continuum?

(statistics from 2008 survey by Opinion Corporation of Princeton, NJ)


If you fall in that big middle group (or have drifted into the no resolutions group due to disappointment) this could be the year for something different.

Janine Adams and I teamed up again (we co-created the Declutter Happy Hour course) to teach this teleclass.  We share with you the reasons resolutions don’t work, and more importantly what to do instead. We give you tips and strategies, and guide you through helpful exercises so you can experience a new way of approaching your resolutions and goals.

Perhaps you’d like to declutter and get organized this year, or maybe you want to make changes for your health, creativity or finances. Our approach is terrific for whatever set your sights on.

This year is going to be different.

Why Resolutions Don’t Work

(and How To Get What You Want Anyway)

The teleclass is over, but you can still get the immensely helpful recording.  It’s great to listen to any time you want to re-vamp a resolution that isn’t working, create a new habit or establish a goal that really works for you.


  • We talk for about an hour and then open it up for questions.
    • During the call we talk about the common reasons that setting resolutions doesn’t work, and we explain and guide you through exercises that help you get what you want.
    • This is for anyone who has been frustrated by resolutions or goals, and wants to learn a new way to approach it.
    • The cost? Just 19 bucks.

    Are you in? Yes? Just click the “Add to Cart” button:

    Add to Cart
    You’ll get a link to the recording in moments.

    Here’s to getting what you really want!

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