Less angst. More action.

Less crisis. More change.

Hey there, brilliant one.

I’m Shannon Wilkinson, the not-so-mad genius behind Perception Studios.
I’m a life coach, teacher, writer + summit seeker based in Portland.
Want to know my soul’s calling — and lifelong obsession?
In a word: CHANGE.

Most of us think change equals angst, pressure and force.
Me? I believe change can be peaceful, simple, even playful.

As a coach, I use mind-bending tools (yep, literally) like Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis to help you change your mind, change your behaviors, and ultimately, change the world.

I’m on a quest to make change welcome again (because seriously, it’s got such a bad rap) — and help you stick to your highest ambitions, like crazy-strong superglue.

Want to become a master of change?
Keep your commitments?
Finish what you’ve started?
Create something BIG?

Bravo! I’ve got LOTS to show you.

Let’s make some (unbelievable) changes together.

Shannon Wilkinson

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