It’s a virtual open house!

I’ve been craving openness and curiosity and playfulness in my life and business. (I say that as if they’re separate things. Ha.)

My old site, as much as I loved it, was hemming me in. From a technical standpoint it was cumbersome to change, and the design, which once felt oh-so-cozy, now seemed cramped. It just didn’t reflect the spirit of what I do with my clients or how I try to live my life. (Ha, again with the separations.)

I knew I wanted an online home that opened up space for experimentation and practice and play. I wanted it to be purposefully simple. Just a dash of color, no heavy designs or ornamentation. And behind the scenes it needed to be pretty much infinitely and relatively easy to change.

Perception Studios was born

I love the new freedom. I’m sure I’ll be rearranging furniture for a bit, as I get even more comfortable here.

Take a look around

Check it out. And meet me back here for virtual refreshments in the comments. I’d love to have you celebrate with me.


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