The Myth of Self-Sabotage (an Explore & Play Class)

I don’t really believe that you want yourself to fail. In fact, these behaviors labeled as self-sabotage, are usually trying to do the opposite.

During the next Explore & Play Class and Coaching Hour on Tuesday, February 12th, I’ll share with you what’s really going on with these behaviors and what to do about them.

Want a gentle way to do what you really want to be doing?

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Wow! That was some call. I shared why self-sabotage is a myth and taught a process to change those unwanted behaviors.

Then, I coached callers on shifting behaviors that felt self-sabotaging like watching shows instead of exercising, wanting to connect with more people but not responding to communications (or reaching out much) and sleeping in instead of working on a job search.

If you’d like to change your perceptions of self-sabotage, and get to what you really want, this one’s for you.

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2 comments to The Myth of Self-Sabotage (an Explore & Play Class)

  • Vvvv

    Oh, gosh, what do I do that isn’t self-sabotage?
    -writing this whiny list instead of doing the thing
    -calling myself whiny
    -bad posture
    -not doing things that are helpful (e.g. exercise)
    -always finding non-work things to do at work
    -marrying someone with a fundamentally different outlook on work and getting things done
    -wanting “balance”, which seems to mean wanting two opposite things (e.g. more and less obsession with my day job; being practical and authentic; being ambitious and relaxed; compromising and asserting; noticing my self-sabotage and changing it)and so never being satisfied
    -high standards
    -emotional loops
    -useless filing system

    And that was just this morning. :)

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